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1950 Crown Zipper Details & Information




Manufacturer: Crown Fastener Corporation

Era: Early 1950's

Type: Automatic

Finishes: Gold and silver, (gold shown)

Notes:  One of the last models of zippers produced by Crown Fastener Corporation (more commonly referred to as Crown Zipper Company) with the "CROWN" mark on the slider.  The majority of crown zippers were spring lock, this type is an automatic lock.  Crown zippers were manufactured at :

The Spool Cotton Company

745 fifth Avenue

New York, NY

The Spool Cotton Company was operated by  Coats and Clark.  Coats and Clark were consolidated in 1896 but remained as separate operations until incorporated in 1953 as Coats and Clark, Inc.

We believe Coats and Clarks zippers after 1953 were marked with the "C&C" logo or the name "Coats & Clarks".  Therefore, this zipper had a short lifespan of the early 1950's.


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