The Steel Zipper
Vintage  Clothing Resources

    The steel zipper resources page is a collection of information to aid in the identification of vintage clothing from the 20th century.  Too often we have found many instances where people are uncertain of the age of an item of clothing, weather its a family heirloom or a recent find at an estate auction or yard sale.  These resources are designed to aid in answering  the all import question of "How old is this?"
    From definitions of common terms used to describe garments and textiles to a history of major events and trends in the fashion industry.  Links can be found that will highlight major designers and companies, as well as list a comprehensive collection of vintage labels and tags that will help identify clothing from a particular era.  
    Our link directory is designed  to further aid in helping find and identify quality clothing from eras gone by.  Each link is carefully reviewed for informative quality content and is personally recommended us.  Please take time and visit our recommendations.  If you know of an outstanding resource or are the webmaster for an online vintage clothing retailer and would like to add your site to our link directory, please send us an e-mail with the site name for our review.


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